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    Hello, welcome to Shenzhen Xinkangsheng Precision Mold Hardware Co., Ltd.

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    Shenzhen Xinkangsheng Precision Mold Hardware Co., Ltd. is a set of design, production and sales of precision technical enterprises. The company's main products are: thimble, cylinder, flat thimble, supporting needle, inlay needle, chuck, pen core, lens insert, punch needle, bushing, guide pillar guide sleeve and other mold accessories and peripheral products. Products are widely used in optical molds, plastic molds, metal molds, die-casting molds, precision tooling clamps, fixtures, precision machinery, digital electronics and many other fields. In order to ensure the quality of products and stability, the company introduced advanced production equipment, equipped with scientific testing equipment and excellent staff.

    IPC, Guangdong Province:粵ICP備17016793號-1  Telephone: 0755-27127559/13602513332 Fax: 0755-27547437

    Company address: Shenzhen Guangming New District Gongming Street will be stone community Tongfu Industrial Zone sixth.

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